OUT NOW! Benjamin Diggins ‘Wheels on Trees’

Today we celebrate the release of the new album by Benjamin Diggins on Bathtub Piracy Recordings. It’s called Wheels on Trees. There’s 21 tracks on there and features mainly Amsterdam’s soul sensation Simon Amon, but also Foreign Beggars (Dented, UK), Pseudo Slang (Fatbeats, USA) and many others. The artwork is Bathtub Piracy’s take on a painting by the dutch artist Theo Lohmann (1880-1963). A special contribution to Wheels on Trees is made by trumpet player Eduard Ninck Blok, former member of Amstel Octet, famous for the ‘Hazy Hugs‘  album with Chet Baker that was released on Challenge Records in 1985. In november 2010, Benjamin Diggins will release another album on Dopeness Galore.