Believe & Renovate // Vrij Nederland goes iPad


The song Believe & Renovate was used for the Vrij Nederland iPad video , made by Pieter Geenen & Bas Mooij. Benjamin Diggins is pleased. But it’s not like he’s gonna buy an iPad now. He tried the damn thing once but couldn’t find the buttons so he got confused and left the store to get himself a soda pop with his girlfriend who also confused him because she has no buttons as well, so Benjamin Diggins locked himself in an elevator for a while, which has many buttons, so that was nice and calming. The song Life in February was used for a Russian erotic video, but Benjamin Diggins did not give permission to show it because he’s in it as well and he doesn’t want to upset his confusing girlfriend (In the Russian erotic video he is remarkably comfortable with the buttonlessness of the female by the way).