Two Swallows

‘But how will I know, where you are?’

Asked the swallow in despair.

‘We’re swallows, remember? We’ll always find each other again.’

The other swallow reassured.

‘Oh, ok. But… How…’

The swallow did not finish the sentence. It was of no use. They would find each other again. Besides, she would not be able to hear him, she was already high up in the sky and he was still on the ground. He had not told her, he had never learned to fly. After two years, he had finally mastered his wings. He flew from continent, to continent. A whole world he discovered. Eventually, the two swallows found each other again, at the edge of a big lake.

‘For years, I’ve wondered where you were’.

Said the swallow accusingly.

‘But. Why? We’re swallows, right?

This time, the swallow held his tongue. He did not want to start a sentence he would be unable to finish. Not again. The next day, they took off together, for the first time ever. But within minutes, a thunderstorm arose. Together, they tumbled through the storm. Alternately, they forgot to fly. They called for each other, through the eye of the storm, but the storm was so loud. They lost each other out of sight.

The swallow flew on, filled with confidence. And the the years flew by, but they did not find each other. One day, still filled with confidence, the swallow decided to turn around. He flew back, passed all the places he had seen before.

Finally, the two swallows found each other again at the the edge of a big forest.

‘For years, I wondered where you were’.

Said the swallow. He was so happy. They held each other for a while.