The mood

She’s so happy I am here now. We just moved grandma, this nursing home is much nicer. Of course she doesn’t recognise it as her home. At my arrival, grandma was on the verge of her grande bust-out. I bring her back to a chair in the garden. She is so small, grandma.

Next to us, there’s miss Brauer, at least, that’s what’s written on her wheelchair. Miss Brauer looks at me, but her eyes see nothing.

‘You think you know, about later, but you, you don’t have a clue!’

Grandma peeks at her and turns to me

‘Oh, I’m so happy YOU are here!’

She throws me a beseeching look.

‘Where will you go after this?’

I tell her, I will go home, comforting. She lives just around the corner of my house now.

‘We are neighbours now!’

‘Can I come with you?’

‘But, where will you sleep?’

She throws me a casual, and slightly naughty look.

‘You know me, I sleep everywhere’.

Another lady, with a sweet face, starts to move uncomfortably in her wheelchair.

‘I want to leave, please!’

I’m here for grandma, I decide not to help her.

‘Where would you like to go then?’

She waves her hands around, as if the garden slips through her fingers, looks at me, smiles apologetically.

‘Just… Away’.