Freakshow 2009-2010

2009-2010, Bathtub Piracy hosted four nights in club Canvas op de 7e, Amsterdam. They were called Freakshow:…ik vinnut vet, maar isut HIPHAP?‘. The nights were an attempt to deconstruct and recompose Herc and Bam’s block parties, mixing ancient beats with the very fresh under a cosy emcee umbrella.┬áTruly Pheasant (WK), Pseudo Slang (Fatbeats, USA), The Freakfunkers (NL), Kid Sublime (Dopeness Galore, NL), Jules de la Courgette (NL), Herrie Gekkehuis (Bonbonamer, NL), Ben Sjay (Wicked Jazz Sounds, NL), The Chocolate Puppets (NL), Conikt (Thinkloud, DE), Benjamin Steamin’ Diggins and the talented Nate Dizney came to play.┬áStefan ‘FM Fiend’ Glerum (NL) and Assa Ariyoshi (JP) designed wicked flyers. Just look at ‘em.

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