Studenten van de kunstacademie hebben hem graag aan de muur, een handvol (matige) rockbands is naar hem vernoemd en er zijn talloze blogs over hem geschreven.

Henry Darger

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Ik ben een fan. Mijn favoriete details zijn dat hij van hevige stormen hield en zijn hele leven tevergeefs een kind probeerde te adopteren.

Over het algemeen ben ik geen herlezer, maar de laatste tijd blijk ik voor zijn autobiografie The history of my life voortdurend een uitzondering te maken. Daarom wil ik graag drie van mijn favoriete citaten met u delen.

uit ‘The history of my life’

Henry Darger

One thing I must write is that us children in those days were looked on as beneath the dignity of grownups and did not amount to much, wheareas, to my opinion or feeling, all grownups and especially all types of strangers and those I did not like were less than the dust or mud beneath my feet.

I got the bad news that my father had died at te St. Augustine home. I did not cry or weep however. I had that kind of deep sorrow that, bad as you feel, I could not. I’d have been better off if I could have. I was in that state for weeks, and because of it I was in a state of ugliness of such nature that everyone avoided me, they were so scared. Even when back on the farm the next summer, they noticed a change in me. They heard the sad news, however, and did not bother me. During the first of my grief, I hardly even ate anything, and was no friend to anyone.
I was even very dangerous if not left alone.

There is one really important thing I must write which I have forgotten.