Robeco Summer Nights 2016

For Robeco and The Royal Concertgebouw, I was asked to create a supershort for their midsummer concerts. This animation was to be used for the online ads and on the Narrowcasting network in Concert hall. The artwork would also serve as the backgrounds for the dedicated landing page.

Together with Jacob van der Vught (Concertgebouw) and Saskia Roggeveen (Robeco), We chose to fly through 3 of their four concert-categories: dreams, adventure and romance in a a super wide angle lens. Then we rendered in 4k to be able to animate the lens distortion in post for a trippy effect, that we made slightly different for every resolution. The entire project was done in C4D. X-particles came in to play here and there, which kept the scenes very workable.

Simultaneously, we developed HTML5 & GIF creatives for the campaign and set up the Facebook Canvas environment for mobile.