Robeco Summernights 2017

For the Robeco Summer Nights 2017 campaign I made a commercial for movie theatres.

Initial idea: something that would start small, and work towards a climax in 30 seconds, only to cut to total silence in order to invoke te viewers curiosity to come to the concert hall.

The musical work (Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche, Strauss) chosen would serve as the visual guide. It has this bit with an incredible lineair build to a finale in just 30 seconds. KlevR made the surround mix. Elaborating on the campaign’s identity in a somewhat bubbly manner, I made an orchestra according to the composition and rigged it so it could play itself. There’s something very satisfactory about putting bones in a musical instrument. X-particles proved quite vital on modelling some of the elements.

As this campaign was specifically made for movie theatres, I made a set of wipes for their video content and some tiny GIF’s for the newsletters.