Robeco Summernights 2017

For the Robeco Summernights 2017 campaign I made a commercial for movie theatres. read more

BLNC Asian Issue

Here’s the third edition of BLNC I have been involved in. This edition only has Asian contributors. The cover was shot in Bangkok by JIRA. The model is Tawan, winner of Asia’s Next Top Model. read more

BLNC Art Issue

A new issue of BLNC. For this one I shot the cover. read more


BLNC is an online fashion and art magazine based in Cebu, dedicated to the underground youth, the vague and the implicit. read more

Robeco Summer Nights 2016

For Robeco and The Royal Concertgebouw, I was asked to create a supershort for their midsummer concerts. read more

ohello: project breakdown

For Dutch startup Qlickr, I designed their first product: the ohello-app. It’s a very Dutch app, meaning it’s very direct and no-nonsense: designed for the sole purpose of meeting new likeable figures as quickly as possible. read more

See All This

See All This is a new magazine and online platform in the Netherlands for all art lovers. For the launch, HagensPR asked me to make a series of animations. For each participating museum (18 in total), I morphed some of their top pieces in that of another. read more

Stained Glass

Illustrator Stefan Glerum, hero of the clear line, designed a 60ft-high Stained Glass Facade in Amsterdam. I was asked to photograph the interior. read more

The Coward

The island is sprawling with cats. Cats without tails. I don’t know why and nobody seems to do so. My friends from Bandung say it’s because the locals cut them so they can’t breed. I need an explanation, if only to stop picturing cats breeding with their tails. read more

Barn of Sorrow

A friend of mine just moved to Peru. He mailed me to tell me he was planning to participate in an ayahuasca-ceremony. Now and then I meet people who tell me about their ayahuasca trip, it hardly ever sounds inviting: aya makes you puke, forget who you are and has… read more

The mood

She’s so happy I am here now. We just moved grandma, this nursing home is much nicer. Of course she doesn’t recognise it as her home. At my arrival, grandma was on the verge of her grande bust-out. I bring her back to a chair in the garden. She is so small, grandma. Next to… read more


Benjamin and I did a beat for the new Joe Kickass album. Download the digital version here for nada. Order the vinyl here. FYI The second Benjamin Diggins album will be released this year. Guest features will include Pseudo Slang, Blueprint, Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Nate Dizco. read more

Two Swallows

‘But how will I know, where you are?’ Asked the swallow in despair. ‘We’re swallows, remember? We’ll always find each other again.’ The other swallow reassured. read more

Well mannered

I wrote this for a Dutch magazine ‘God of the Netherlands’. Clearly this is fiction: I for one would never order hummus. read more

Murakami Festival

httpv:// artwork: Studio Vruchtvlees animation: Niels Gerson Lohman sound: Benjamin Diggins & Val Maltort read more

Here to save him

Hyper Island (Sweden) students made an animation inspired by the last chapter of my first novel, Een rijk alleen. It’s quite creepy, very unlike the book. But I’m impressed.   Erik Hellmouth – 3D Kristofer Nilsson – Cell Animations Kristian Andersson – Comp, 2D animation, Live Footage   read more